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Central Pro Am will award the Pro Division winner this weekend a minimum of $3000 for first place in the Megaware KeelGuard Open on Table Rock Lake. 

“Regardless the number of entries, we will be giving the Pro Division winner this weekend $3000 in cash.” CPAA President Mike Webb said. “The weather has finally turned around and we’ve got a full week of warm temperatures to get the fish up and moving so we want to start the season off right.”

A minimum  $3000 will be awarded to the first place Pro Division angler no matter how many entries their are in the event, once the number of entries surpasses the point where the first place payback is over $3000, standard 80% payback will be given.

“This is a great opportunity for Pro Division anglers to win some good money in a regional event.” Webb added. “We know everyone has cabin fever and we’re adding a little extra to the pot to give them an incentive to fish Central Pro Am. We have Co – Anglers on our waiting list right now and we’re trying to do whatever it takes to get them paired up.”

The deadline to enter the event has been extended until Friday, 2/21/14 at 10:00 am  

In addition to the $3000 Guarantee both Pro and Co – Angler division anglers have the opportunity to win the new Car Fi bonus of $500 and $250 in Car Fi gift cards just by having a Car Fi decal on their vehicle. For details on the bonus program click here

This event marks the first of four qualifying tournaments for the 2014 Pro Am Championship. Angler’s will earn points in this tournament to make the 30 boat championship field and a chance to win thousands in cash and prizes at the Pro Am Championship in September.

“This is it.” Webb stated. “This is the kick off and it will be difficult to make the championship if you miss an event. We only have four events and trying to make the top 30 when you miss one will be tough.”

“The weather is going to be great all week, and just like every winter once the first warming trend hits and the water temperatures begin to rise the fish turn on big time.” Webb said. “I’ve been guiding on Table Rock for over 20 years and we see this every time we have a cold winter. It get’s tough, then we get a stretch of warm weather and it’s like someone throws a switch and the fish start feeding big time. It should be a great weekend to fish and I expect to see some really big stringers.”

Angers wanting to fish the Megaware KeelGuard Open this weekend can do so by entering here or by calling our office at 417-425-7513.

“We look forward to a great tournament this weekend and hope to see you all there!” Webb Added


  1. Go od luck to all ; I live in northern il. looks like more snow here today. should be a good jerkbait bite;hope every one get a limit.

  2. After being cooped up all winter and then two false starts to the weather I am just excited to get out!