Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my Entry Fee?

Entry fees can be paid

  • On line when you fill out your online entry form
  • By check at the ramp or mailed to our office
  • By credit / debit card by calling our office or at the ramp
  • Cash at the ramp

Does my deposit hold my Take Off spot?

  • Yes, your deposit will hold your take off spot

When do I have to pay my balance?

  • Balance must be paid before take off.
    • You can pay at the ramp the morning of the tournament.
    • Before the day of the tournament by calling our office

Do I have to have proof of $100,000 in liability insurance?

  • Yes, you will not be allowed to fish without proof of insurance.

How can I provide proof of insurance?

  • Email a copy to:
  • Take of picture and text it to 417-425-7513
  • Bring a photo copy to the tournament take off

What if I have other questions?