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The Webb Outdoors Elite Championship is this weekend on Lake of the Ozarks out of Robins Resort. Weigh-in will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 3:00 pm at Robins. Anglers will be competing for a 2019 Nitro Z19 Pro Package valued over $40,000.

Anglers qualified for the Championship please read the following off limits information from our rules:

From Rule 21

Championship Off Limits: There are no off limit time period for the  year end championship, BUT championship qualifiers are not allowed to discuss the tournament waters, fishing conditions or patterns with anyone not fishing the championship beginning 12:01 am the Monday prior to the championship. In addition championship qualifiers cannot fish with anyone not qualified for the championship on the championship waters beginning 12:01 am the Monday prior to the championship.

Physical Off Limits on Lake of the Ozarks

Here are the Off Limits for the 2018 Webb Outdoors Elite Championship on Lake of the Ozarks

  1. 50′ from any marina gas dock and 50′ from all docks physically attached to the marina gas dock anywhere on the lake.
  2. 50′ from the take off docks at Robins Resort
  3. The point at Pa He Tsi south to the point to the south of PB2 (See Image below)

If you have any questions please email us at tournament@webboutdoors.com

The year end banquet will be held at Robins on Thursday evening.

Congratulations to the anglers qualified for the Elite Championship.

We look forward to seeing you there and giving away a new Nitro Boat to this year’s champion.

Mike and Sherry

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