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The 2019 Webb Outdoors Elite Championship is less than a month away on Stockton Lake where one of our anglers will win a 2020 Nitro Z19 powered by Mercury. In addition to the Nitro Z19 the Stockton Chamber of Commerce has kicked in $1500 to be paid out in additional prize money for the championship.

There is a lot of important information that all qualifiers need to be aware of:


Each angler’s year end point total will be determined by total points earned in all four (4) qualifying tournaments.  The entry fee will be $305.00. Those qualifying for the championship will be the top 35 anglers based upon year to date point standings. Additional spots in the Championship will be filled by anglers that have fished all four events (or bought into 1 event and fish 3 additional events.) Anglers finishing in the top 35 in points standings must fish a minimum of three events to qualify for the championship. Anglers must fish a minimum of 3 Elite Tournaments to qualify for the championship. Any Questions please refer to Rule 21 of the 2019 Elite Rules.

Anglers that have qualified this year are highlighted in yellow on the angler of the year standings here

Off Limits:

Championship Off Limits: Anglers can practice for the year end championship at anytime up to 3:00 pm the day before the championship tournament.

Championship qualifiers are not allowed to discuss the tournament waters, fishing conditions or patterns with anyone not fishing the championship beginning 12:01 am the Monday prior to the championship. In addition championship qualifiers cannot fish with anyone not qualified for the championship on the championship waters beginning 12:01 am the Monday prior to the championship.

Lake Off Limits:

50 feet from the take off / weigh-in ramp

Anything behind the buoys or seawall of all marinas (Including behind Mutton Creek Marina)

Anything deemed off limits by the Corps of Engineers or Misouri Department of Conservation.

Mandatory Championship Banquet / Meeting:

Anglers MUST attend the Mandatory Championship Banquet / Meeting the evening before the year end championship at the Stockton Expo Center. In order to ensure angler attendance the official practice shall end at 3:00 pm the day before the championship, all anglers must be off the water by 3:00 pm.


Monday 10/14/19 12:01 AM – No discussion of tournament waters or fishing with ANYONE on tournament waters not fishing the championship.

Thursday 10/17/19 3:00 PM – All anglers off tournament waters, any angler still on the water will be disqualified

Thursday 10/17/19 6:00 PM – Mandatory Banquet / Pre Tournament Meeting – Expo Center off RB Rd. in Stockton

Friday 10/18/19 7:00 AM – Take off day one RB Ramp

Friday 10/18/19 3:00 PM – Weigh in day one RB Ramp

Saturday 10/19/19 7:00 AM – Take off day two RB Ramp

Saturday 10/19/19 3:00 PM – Weigh in Day two RB Ramp

Sunday 10/20/19 7:00 AM – Take Off final day Top 12 Anglers RB Ramp

Sunday 10/20/19 3:00 PM – Check in final day RB Ramp proceed to drive through weigh in

Sunday 10/20/19 4:00 PM – Drive through weigh in TBD

Chamber Members:

Please patronized these chamber members if possible, they have contributed to the additional payback:

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If you have not secured your lodging please contact one of the locations below, they are members of the Chamber and have contributed to the additional payback money.

Owl Haven Motel

1309 Elizabeth Road

Stockton, MO 65785


Stockton State Park Marina

18610 E. 2000 Road

Dadeville, MO 65785



Stone Creek Lodge,

Bait and Tackle


14980 No. Orleans Trail

Stockton, MO 65785



U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

(Campgrounds only)


16435 E. Stockton Lake Drive

Stockton, MO 65785


Aubree’s True North

15155 E. 1250 Road

Stockton, MO 65785


Cabins at Stockton Lake

700 East Oak Street

Stockton, MO 65785


Caplinger Woods RV & Campground

6647 South 1451 Rd.,

Stockton, MO 65785


Crabtree Cove Cottages

15631 So. 1801 Road

Stockton, MO 65785


Comfort Inn Bolivar

2451 Tower Road, Bolivar, MO 65613   417-326-6169

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