Dresses for Dollars


FISH TALES was founded to help special needs children understand the natures of our beautiful Ozark Lakes and Outdoors..

We have a goal to help these children do things that they never thought was possible..

With our experience and equipment, we strive to make these children’s Fish Tales come true..

The Challenge:

Via Facebook

250890_1756077857863_2153169_nMike Webb: Ok goobers – If you guys come up with $1,000 I will wear a dress for the entire weigh in SATURDAY at our elite pro event out of mill creek. I will donate the money to FishTails. They are my charity of choice. They give the handicapped children the ability to fish and hunt. BUT I want the money in hand no IOUs Lol.



Upping The Ante:

523287_432695813443244_1593420400_nJ.p. Sell: I can’t let a brother go down like this. LoL. You Go. I Go. If you make it to $1500. I will fish in a dress both days on the elite.
Lane Bryant’s here we come. Oh My Goodness. What has happened here.



Upping the Ante Again:

523287_432695813443244_1593420400_nJ.p. Sell: Ryan. I’m keeping it real. The homemade winter ladies socks needs to stay.
Here is a challenge. When finished the caster’s are $2400. If you guys get a full caster. I will shave my legs and my head. At the weigh in. LoL.
Did I really say that. Thank you guys again. You are all awesome.



$2400 equals 2 Men in Dresses at a Fishing Tournament

2 Men over 6′ tall and 250 lbs – wearing Pink Dresses & high heels

Plus one of them will shave his head and ……. his legs.

All to Benefit Fish Tales and the Special Needs Children whose lives they impact

 Car-Fi logo_thumbCar-Fi of Springfield is on board as a corporate sponsor of “Dresses for Dollars“. Contributing $500 to the cause and offering a a Go-Pro Camera Drawing. Anyone that donates at least $20 will be entered into a drawing to win a Go-Pro from Car-Fi worth over $130.





1004_Rowdy_Beaver_logo-530x530The Rowdy Beaver with locations in Branson, Eureka Springs and Cassville is on board as a corporate sponsor of Dollars for Dresses as well with a $500 contribution.





JP Sell Via Facebook:

What an Amazing/Overwhelming the last few days have been. Before I start adding the Timeline pics that everyone has sent me. I want to send out a HUGE Sincere Thank You to Everyone.

Most people have found out that I recently received the Jefferson Award to represent the Ozarks in Washington DC, what a Prestigious Moment and then on top of that my friend Mike Webb with Webb Outdoors, that has the Central Pro Circuits. Sent out a challenge to help earn money for Fish Tales on wearing dresses for the Elite Tournament. This event went above and beyond anything that I could imagine. I would like to recognize a few of my Dress musketeers, Ryan Mentzer, Jeff Durr, Mike Webb. Then I would like to send out a Huge Thank You to Sonya Durr, Jennifer Morrison Sell, Andrew Sell, and my Daughter Ashlynn for going above and beyond to make us Dresseteers look Fabulous. LoL. Then I would like to Thank Rick Snelson of Car-Fi for the large donations and the getting the fire really burning on this event. Then Eric Prey for helping this escalade on the FB and the PayPal. I would like to give another shout out to the winner of the Central Elite tournament Brent Algeo of Pur Kleen that has donated and helped with Fish Tales from the beginning. Another Shout out is to Rod and Sharin Minner of the Rowdy Beaver for there contribution. I would like to give a Special Shout Out to a young lady Rebekah Thompson. Rebekah made the custom TuTu for Mike Webb to wear in the event. This is what makes these events so special. Young people getting involved. There are so many people to be mentioned here that has helped and donated for this event.I have always said that there is not just one person that does all of this, but a Team of Extraordinary People’s that work together to make something Special happen.

God Bless you all and Thank You. – J.P. Sell


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